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ivent 22 09

Remote work mode in the context of new changes in the world. Tips, tools and case studies


December 14


4 pm Amsterdam
(5 pm Kyiv)



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Free webinar to share experiences and recommendations on the new realities of remote work 

The world has changed, and the way we work as well. With the majority of us now working from home, it’s more important than ever to have the tools and resources to gain a positive remote work experience. Understanding HR management processes is an essential part of this task. We started living in many new conditions that can’t be ignored or forgotten as it continuously influences each of us daily. The first step is to manage your fears and anxieties about the change and focus on the positives.


During the webinar, we will share the best strategies and catchy cases for dealing with teams and workflows in fast-changing conditions and remote work mode

Key points of the discussions:

What quarantine restrictions gave us (plus our HRM experience and new tools)

Workation and WARcation - dialogue for ongoing business success

Which fears or mind limitations appeared to be only fantasy or/and not important anymore (after 2021-2022)

Friend or Foe (do we really have questions like that within globalization processes and employment of people in one company from all over the world)

program 14/12


Anna Klymenko

Human Resources Business Partner at YouControl Ltd  

Moderator of discussion and Q&A session


Kilian Wawoe

Assistant Professor Human Resources Management 
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

His prior experience is international commodity trade and risks management.

Register. 14/12

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