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Business Schemes That Make It Easy for Russian Oligarchs to Hide Their Assets in the UK:
weakness in art market regarding money laundering
and sanctions evasion

April 28

2 pm UK time

Webinar (online)


This informative event is designed to explore the ways that Russian individuals and entities hide their connections in the United Kingdom, and what that means for global politics and security.

In recent years, concerns have grown about the extent to which some Russians have used the United Kingdom to hide their assets and connections. Our experts will examine the various methods used to conceal these ties and the implications for British society.

Join us for a thought-provoking and informative discussion that sheds light on one of the most pressing challenges facing British society today.

Main topics:

The different strategies used by Russians to obscure their links, e.g offshore companies and real estate investments

UK "golden visas" as a threat to national security and a disguise for dirty money.

Geneva Freeport and the UK art market as a "twilight zone" for money laundering.

Using open data to identify toxic connections. Exciting and handy cases from the experts' practice.


2:00pm  - 2:10pm

Welcome word

Oksana Kharchenko 

Business Development Specialist. YouControl

2:10pm  - 2:30pm

Anna M Ruszel

Financial Crime Risk Expert

2:30pm  - 2:50pm

Tools for finding connections
Practical cases

Oksana Kharchenko

Business Development Specialist. YouControl

2:50pm  - 3:00pm

Question-answer session


The webinar will benefit compliance officers, investigators, lawyers, attorneys and business executives in the UK and other European countries interested in operating safely in international markets using the latest tools and technologies.

Group 1000002329.png

Oksana Kharchenko  (moderator)

Business Development Specialist. YouControl

Oksana Kharchenko is a member of the YouControl. 

From February 2022, Mrs. Kharchenko has been responsible for developing new markets in Europe, finding and building strategic partnerships and new sales channels. And she represents a new direction - an international tool that allows you to identify involvement in sanctioned companies during regular AML inspections. In particular, it contains information on all sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus, the most relevant in 2022 request from the compliance specialists.

 developing experience.

Group 1000002328.png

Anna M Ruszel

Financial Crime Risk Expert

Anna experienced financial crime risk manager with

a banking and financial services career. A trusted advisor and a subject matter expert at leading financial institutions in the UK and Big Four, European Commission, FinTech start-ups, art market participants and entrepreneurs.



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