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August 31


3 pm  (UK time)



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Oksana Kharchenko

Business Development Specialist. YouControl


Francisco Mainez
Leads the Financial Crime and Regulatory Affairs capability at Lucinity

The world is transforming. Technologies are changing, markets are changing. Today, the whole world is witnessing the most significant market changes and shifts since World War II, as can be seen from the speed at which new sanctions are being imposed. Consequently, there is a transformation in the perception of security.

Using Russia as an example, it is no longer sufficient to simply avoid making agreements with sanctioned individuals and companies or to refrain from engaging with Russian companies in order to safeguard against legal, financial, and reputational risks.

At this very moment, new schemes for hiding assets are being reconstructed. Media publish new investigations every week about schemes involving the export of dual-use goods to Russia through intermediary countries, including the Baltic states, Kazakhstan, and other Asian countries.

Program 17/08

Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the verification of suppliers both domestically and internationally. Relying solely on the assumption that counterparts comply with all due diligence requirements is risky. After all, we do not have control over the processes and business practices of the companies we collaborate with. Hence, it is crucial to be aware of the environment surrounding our counterparts and clients, including their partners, suppliers, and customers.

Webinar Abstracts

Analyzing the activities of partners/clients and assessing their risk profiles and ecosystem

Eliminating manual work: Automated checks for risk factors

Hidden Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO): Examples of schemes and how to uncover them

Technologies for expediting compliance procedures: artificial intelligence, APIs

The subject will be of interest for:

Compliance officers

Public bodies and law-enforcement agencies 



Investigative journalists

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For whom 17/08


Oksana Kharchenko

Business Development Specialist

From February 2022, Mrs. Kharchenko has been responsible for developing new markets in Europe, finding and building strategic partnerships and new sales channels.

And she represents a new direction - an international tool that allows you to identify involvement in sanctioned companies during regular AML inspections. In particular, it contains information on all sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus, the most relevant in 2022 request from the compliance specialists developing experience.

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Francisco Mainez 

 leads the Financial Crime and Regulatory Affairs capability at Lucinity

 Francisco is the former Head of Data and Analytics for Wealth and Personal Banking Financial Crime Risk at HSBC. Throughout his career, Francisco has specialised in activities related to data extraction, analysis and Money Laundering, Financial Crime Typologies, Operations, Customer Due Diligence and Tax Evasion, among other areas.  His team was also deeply involved in rolling out initiatives related to Advanced Analytics solutions for Financial Crime.
While in HSBC, Francisco worked in other Financial Crime Teams, such as the Financial Intelligence Unit and Global Compliance Reporting. Prior to HSBC, Francisco fulfilled roles in Standard Chartered Bank in London and Singapore after completing several tours of operations in Military Intelligence for NATO and the European Union in different geographical locations. 

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