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ivent 06/12
after pandemic

Chris Windley, Mykhailo Koltsov.




4:00 pm CET

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The last three years have become a test for the whole world. It requires not only stamina and considerable resources but also unique skills that few people had and could not think about before the global pandemic and the beginning of the full-scale Russian war against Ukraine. So, YouControl with Cyber Security Association will hold a webinar dedicated to the current pressing business information security issues.

Two leading experts will reveal their experience, vision and tools for overcoming risky and unprecedented circumstances in today's business environment.



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Mykhailo Koltsov

Head of Training and Development in YouControl. World Bank external consultant on data analysis and cybersecurity. Has extensive experience in researching and implementing effective KYC/AML practices for banking and financial institutions.


Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructure: Lessons from Ukraine 2022

  • Key lessons from Ukraine for cyber security during wartime

  • Cooperation between business and the state as a key element of critical infrastructure protection

  • Expectations and forecasts for 2023

Chris Windley

CEO Cyber Security Association. Cyber Security. AI & Machine Learning Global Evangelist. Cyber Essentials Supporter.


Protecting critical networks during post Pandemic means also securing the supply chain and remote workers.

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Since the vast majority of today's events and the corresponding world changes are unprecedented, old methods and skills are becoming less relevant and sometimes simply unable to perform their data protection functions. Therefore, rational businesses tend to think outside the box and look for new tools to protect themselves in fundamentally new circumstances. It's not just a matter of self-protection but of survival and development in those global and local markets that are being reorganised.
We see how decisive forces respond to critical challenges: they apply measures and means of confrontation, not only directly to the causes of the problem (the spread of a virus, military aggression, and others) but also to all participants in the process (in today's world it is impossible to separate from operations if you are involved in the business). Therefore, it is necessary to recognise the new circumstances to work, develop and succeed now and in the future. Considering them and making reasonable efforts to cope with them is essential. That is what this webinar is all about.

Participation will be helpful for data security, compliance, AML/KYC managers, CEOs, analysts and investigators. You'll get practical information for your everyday work and current issues.

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The subject will be of interest for:

Data security specialists

Compliance managers

AML and KYC managers





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