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A Threat to British Business – What are the Consequences of a Partnership with Deep Russian Connections




5-6 pm  (GMT+1)



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Anna Ruszel

Mykhailo Koltsov
Head of Training and Development in YouControl


Global business and compliance risks are changing rapidly and are no longer what they were before February 24, 2022. Russia has invaded Ukraine, and the consequences of the invasion are felt by the whole world.


European business is no exception, as Russian "roots" over the past century have firmly penetrated the economy of Western and Eastern Europe.


Avoiding cooperation with the sanctioned entities has acquired a new meaning. For the first time in human history, the world has faced a significant number of sanctions, still against one of the most powerful players in the world economy.


The greatest threat lies not in direct cooperation with sanctioned entities, which are easy enough to trace, but in the fact that the number of sanctions is growing daily.
It is important to see early possible traces of involvement with sanctioned companies, politically exposed persons and those
who support aggression – they are first on sanctions lists, so cooperation with them is a time bomb for your business.

Webinar Abstracts

New risks and strategies for tracking high-risk companies


Non-obvious threats – we recognize and protect ourselves from the impact of sanctions


Compliance tools relevant in 2022-23, new approaches to verification, and practical cases.

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The subject will be of interest for:

Compliance officers

Public bodies and law-enforcement agencies 



Investigative journalists

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Attend a practical webinar on protection against cooperation with Russian counterparties and new compliance requirements. Speakers with extensive compliance expertise in the UK market will help work out key issues and demonstrate effective methods of exposing risky companies.  

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Anna M Ruszel

Financial Crime Expert

Anna is an experienced financial crime risk manager with a banking and financial services career spanning for more than a decade. She has worked for Royal Bank of Scotland / NatWest Group as a Global Risk Manager for Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions, before taking the plunge to set up AMR International Consulting. In the consulting capacity, Anna was a trusted advisor and a subject matter expert at leading financial institutions in UK: HSBC, Standard Life Aberdeen, Lloyds TSB Asset Finance and as well to Big Four, European Commission, FinTech start-ups, art market participants and entrepreneurs.  

Mykhailo Koltsov

Head of Training and Development in YouControl

World Bank external consultant on data analysis and cybersecurity.

He has extensive experience in researching and implementing effective KYC/AML practices for banking and financial institutions. 

KYC/AML practices for banking and financial institutions. 

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