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How to protect a business from the risks of cooperation with Russian companies and individuals



15:00 (UTC+3)

Oleksandr Pomoshnikov, Chief Business Development Officer/developer
Maksym Zinchenko, Business Development Project and Program Manager, RuAssets Data Analyst

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About us

YouControl is a Ukrainian IT company developing open data services since 2014 and a same-name analytical system for analyzing companies’ and individuals’ activities.

We have many years of successful experience creating AML and KYC systems used by international companies.

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In response to the aggressive military actions of the russian federation in Ukraine, our team has created an international service that will accelerate the fall of the aggressor and help businesses avoid risks and losses caused by the cooperation with russian companies – RuAssets.

The RuAssets platform helps identify and prevent financial and sanction risks of cooperation. We will show in detail its capabilities and teach you how to test your business and contractors.

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We are inviting you for an intensive YouControl webinar

During the webinar, you will learn:


The subject will be of interest for:

Compliance officers

AML and KYC specialists

Public bodies and law-enforcement agencies and

Investigative journalists

Program 17.06
For whom 17.06

💥Oligarchs, PEPs, companies and persons close to russian leadership shall not pass!


You will have a unique opportunity to voice your wishes to the developers

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Oleksandr Pomoshnikov

Chief Business Development Officer/developer

At YouControl, Oleksandr is at the forefront of developing and defining the critical values of the product to determine any russian and belarusian ties. He is an Open Data scientist and specialist in investigating connections to the «Russian World»

Maksim Zinchenko

Business Development Project and Program Manager, RuAssets Data Analyst

Experienced in KYC (know-your-customer) - verification of private persons and legal entities. This includes ID card verification, document verification, and in-person verification of a person by meeting him, checking new business clients, and monitoring existing clients.

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